Friday, October 26, 2018

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The Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White public may have to reflect on the fact that in the face of sexual harassment and sexual abuse, our public opinion is filled with moral condemnation and humiliation of the victims: In addition to the discipline of attention to safety, our public opinion is never lacking. How did you not protect yourself?

Balenciaga Speed Trainer question the victim's why not resist and suspect that she was murdered must be a coquettish self-determination point and even ridiculed sexual assault as don’t say mouth, body is honest... just as Liu Yan was harassed as a bridesmaid. Similarly, there is a similar voice: As soon as you have a safe point, you will be fine. Just as earlier, after Li Tianyi case, some people tried to use the victim paternity wife to retire Li Tianyi. At that time, there was no lack of such voices on the Internet: Who let you be with the wine girl? You deserve it. Don't you go to a club or something like a nightclub?

Our society advises women from many good intentions: women should not go out alone to drink, Balenciaga Speed Trainer don't go alone in the night, don't go to lonely places, don't go out alone and in the opposite sex, don't wear exposed manners sexy ... However, the vastness of the world, the wonderful life, why women can not fully and freely choose their own life forms, women have the same right to come and go freely in this world, not to be harassed, not threatened. Those seemingly well-informed counseling disciplines in themselves constitute another squeeze and limitation of women's lives and living space.

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