Thursday, November 8, 2018

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kathymansfieldphotos choose to avoid or escape nearly 50%, and dare to take up legal weapons to protect themselves is also very low. In other words, sexual harassment is a common phenomenon, in which silence accounts for half. Sexual harassment is difficult for many women. Replica Balenciaga Shoes It may have an impact on reputation, love, life, school work, and work. However, it is not the best way to deal with sexual harassment. This will condone harassment.

The sex harassment case, known as the nation first case, occurred in Xi’an in July 2001. The 30-year-old Ms. Tong accused her superiors of sexually harassing her. Five months later, the court dismissed the lawsuit on the ground of insufficient evidence. It is the hard-to-obtain proof that has become the stumbling block for judicial characterization of sexual harassment. This is the commonality of the vast majority of similar cases: it usually occurs in private situations. Few third people are present. Language and physical contact are very important. It is hard to leave evidence. Even witnesses who want to collect witness statements or persuade witnesses to testify in court are an impossible task. According to the principle of who advocates and who gives evidence in civil lawsuits and cannot prove the occurrence of sexual harassment, Replica Balenciaga Shoes it must bear the burden of proof.

Coupled with headaches and feet, this is people's usual thinking. For example, many urban subways have come up with a women's section. It can be understood that this respects women, but buses also see salty pigmen and they also need to separate female buses; there are also sexual harassment in trains. Whether it is also necessary to engage in women's carriages; schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, plazas and other public places mixed men and women, Replica Balenciaga Shoes is not also have to engage in a man and woman. Think further that the boss of the company is harassing women.

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